Private Events

Private Events:

    Session 1  10:00am – 1:00pm

    Session 2   2:00pm – 5:00pm

$25 private party fee – non refundable.  Date is not booked until we receive your payment for the party fee. You will receive email confirmation if paid by PayPal. Please cancel 24 hours (or within) before your date if you cannot make it.  If you would like to schedule an event for during the week, we require at least a 2 week notice to schedule referees.

$10 per person – includes admission, all-day air, experienced referees.

$10 & $20 Equipment rental package

(includes mask, 200 round hopper, semi auto or electronic paintball marker and tank)

Mask only: $3

Tank only: $3

HPA (rent to own): $5

Marker only: $6

Paint – Field paint only – $40 to $60 per case of 2,000